Optimising Real-time Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Agents


BresicWhitney is a real estate company based in Sydney, Australia. It specialises in the sale and management of residential properties in some of Sydney's most vibrant and sought-after neighbourhoods. The company prides itself on offering a personalised and innovative approach to real estate, combining local expertise with a focus on design and technology.

The company had developed Q-App, a custom mobile app, to strengthen their sales agents’ ability to profile and qualify potential buyers against current inventory, and to build lasting relationships with buyers through efficient use of relevant buyer data.



BresicWhitney wanted to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales agents when it came to profiling and engaging with potential buyers. The company had developed a custom mobile app (the Q-App) but adoption rates among the sales team had stagnated at below 50%, and agents opted for a competitor app that lacked integration with the in-house CRM. To increase app uptake, BresicWhitney was looking to optimise the app for the open home context.


The UX design team I lead conducted a heuristic evaluation, user flow analyses, and staff surveys to identify areas for improvement in the Q-App. By observing sales agents during open homes and capturing their pain points and needs, we gained a deeper understanding of the app's strengths and weaknesses.

We accompanied sales agents to a number of open homes to form a contextual understanding of how they were using the Q-App and alternative competitor apps. We analysed agents’ interactions with visitors during inspection, and captured their pain points and needs in short post-experience interviews.



Based on our findings, we made recommendations to enhance the app's intuitiveness and desirability. We redesigned key features and screens to address the barriers and needs of sales agents and conducted usability testing to gather feedback and make further improvements. Our redesigned app was launched with great success, achieving a 92% adoption rate among the sales team within two months of its release.




Our efforts to optimise the Q-App user experience and the restructuring of the in-house property database lead to an to increase of the sales team’s efficiency and productivity.

By providing sales agents with a more user-friendly app that was better integrated with their existing processes, BresicWhitney was able to streamline the process of profiling and engaging with potential buyers.

“I was impressed by Marco and his team; their project and creative leadership, as well as their technical and executional skills… We let you drive the output, we were leaning on you to deliver the goods and you did!” Will Gosse, Director, BresicWhitney .


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