An Open-House Mobile App for Real Estate Agents


BresicWhitney had developed their custom Q-App to strengthen their sales agents’ ability to profile and qualify potential buyers against current inventory, and to build lasting relationships with buyers through efficient use of relevant buyer data.



Adoption rates across their sales team had stagnated at below 50% and agents kept falling back to using an external app that didn't connect with the in-house CRM and yielded less actionable insights.


To increase app uptake, BresicWhitney was looking to optimise the app for the open home context. We accompanied sales agents to a number of open homes to form a contextual understanding of how they are using the Q-App and alternative competitor apps. We observed agents in their interactions with visitors during inspection, and captured their pain points and needs in short post-experience interviews.

We conducted the following activities:

  • Contextual inquiries at open homes
  • Heuristic analysis of the exisiting Q app
  • User flows of Q app and competitors
  • Baseline survey for desired app experience
  • Usability testing of concepts for feedback and improvements.
  • Production designs (figma) and handover to to 3rd party developer (client's tech partner)


We identified the barriers and needs which agents had during the key moments of that experience and then improved UX, design and performance to make the app more intuitive and to increase usability and desirability.

We summarised research findings in a detailed report and provided a list of actionable recommendations to the client.

UX designs we developed for the key screens of the open home experience were tested with agents and iterated on based on the user feedback.

Key features and screens were prioritised in a workshop with the client and their tech partner based on impact on the overall experience, feasibility and effort regarding development.




Following our recommendations, BresicWhitney restructured the architecture of their in-house property database around the app’s current and future needs. These optimisations, together with the UX improvements and new features we designed, lead to a 92% internal adoption rate within 2 months after release of the redesigned app.

“I was impressed by Marco and his team; their project and creative leadership, as well as their technical and executional skills… We let you drive the output, we were leaning on you to deliver the goods and you did!” Will Gosse, Director, BresicWhitney .


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